High Quality execution

Our care and expertise set us apart

For over two decades, Diamond Wood Floors has brought excellence in craftsmanship to the CSRA and Greater Augusta Area. We home the only National Wood Floors Association Certified Installers and Sand & Finish Technicians within an 80-mile radius of Augusta, and our craftsmen also hold certifications in colorants and repair.

Our commitment to craft has brought us recognition within our industry: Our owner, Ben, was featured in Hardwood Floors magazines “40 Under 40” and in 2019 we were awarded the NWFA “Wood Floor of the Year.” In addition, we are certified Bona Craftsman and use Greenguard Certified products and processes. 

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness we maintain throughout our process – we show up clean, work clean, and leave clean.

Excellence in craft and service is a matter of pride, but also a direct response to the needs of our clients: As you invite us into your home, it is paramount that we provide a worry-free experience on your way to the floor of a lifetime.

building our team

A company you can trust

Across our history, we have worked to elevate the level of craftsmanship and professionalism in our trade. We are bonded, insured and all our employees pass background checks prior to employment.

We invest heavily in our people and our craft, supplementing field experience with NWFA Online University, in-person classes and workshops, and comprehensive customer service training. We offer an employee retirement savings plan, structured commission for qualified technicians, and are currently partnering with NWFA and US DOL to sponsor a registered apprenticeship program. By these means we work to develop and retain the most talented professionals in the industry.

Our quality, commitment to build a strong team, and involvement in the local community through efforts like the CSRA Home Connection’s Operation Handwarmer have earned us a reputation we are proud of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

This depends on the service and scope: A small, full-scale project (Install, Sand & Finish) usually takes up to a week, while Revive and Restore generally complete same day and overnight, respectively. 

Will there be odors?

Odor may present with stain and finish work, though low-odor options are available in some applications. Speak with your consultant to understand how best to approach ventilation and odors in your application.

Will it make a lot of dust?

The sanding process generates significant dust; however, our Bona capture process eliminates 92% of all particulate release. A dust-free environment, achieved through recapture and hepa-filtered vacuuming, is absolutely essential to proper application of finish. Your final product will be turn-key in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, and we are able to isolate particulate migration to any uninvolved areas of your home or business. 

What about my pets?

Fur and paws do not go well with raw wood floors and finish! Most Installation and Refinishing projects will require making arrangements for pets, for at least part of the project. 

How fast can I move back in?

For Refinishing, anywhere from 3 days to a month depending on the finish you choose. Our premium water-based finishes are fully cured in 3-7 days.

Do I need my furniture out of the way?

Yes, for Revive, Restore or Refinish, you need to move your furniture. Our water-based finishes are 90% cured after 3 days so you will be able to move the furniture back in then. However, area rugs will require a full week before they can be moved back in.

How do I take care of my floors?

Maintenance is simple. Depending on the finish system chosen, we will provide you with the proper cleaning kit and instructions to get you started. With proper maintenance, you’ll never need a full refinish again and the wood floor will last a lifetime.

Revive services are recommended every 10-14 months for new or refinished floors; depending on wear, a Restore (buff and recoat) will usually be in order every 3-5 years.